About me

I'm a Software Engineer from Kayseri, Turkey. Currently focused on Front-End (UI/UX), I have experience with Mobile and Desktop Applications (Flutter and Windows Forms).

Joyful and supportive all the time. Beloved by team members and colleagues. Can easily adapt to any work environment. I solve problems in a unique and elegant way. I look at how others solve a problem and come up with creative, simple, and better solutions.

What i'm doing

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    Front-End Design

    I have designed websites for different types of companies, like insurance and tech companies, and NFT collections.

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    Mobile apps

    I developed different types of mobile apps with Flutter and Google's Firebase, like encrypted chat and cloud storage apps.

Have Experience With

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    Adobe PS/PR/AI

    Actively using Adobe products for editing videos, images for websites. Mostly using them for small changes and minor edits.

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    Website Building

    Able to take care of a company's needs about their website. Have experience with ordering a domain, creating custom mail for company, SSL Certificates, SEO, Google Search Console, Google Business Profile.




  1. Fırat University - Sofware Engineering

    2018 — 2023

    Nemo enims ipsam voluptatem, blanditiis praesentium voluptum delenit atque corrupti, quos dolores et quas molestias exceptur.


  1. MaM High Tech


    Redesigned and modernized company's website.
    Coded labeling program in Python to create database.
    Created database from scratch for "Cloud Detection AI"
    Volunteered for bug fixing and optimizing in various projects.

  2. Erbe Yazılım


    Created a Windows Forms application. Fetched data from API. Designed a modern UI for application.
    Created a mobile application using Flutter, connected to Google's Firebase database for authentication and more.
    Soldered circuit boards, boxed, labelled, tested them for end user.

  3. Freelancer


    Designing websites with React for Starknet NFT Collection Marketplace.
    Managing social media accounts for NFT projects.

My skills

  • React
  • Branding/Design
  • Flutter/Firebase



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